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        (a) Layout and floor area:

25, 000 Sq.ft

        (b) Reading Room:


                (i) No. of Rooms


a) for U.G        .

: Separate Reading Room with capacity    available for UG/PG & Staff

b) for P.G        .




c) for staff       .


               (ii) In each  



a) for U.G        .

:  Library can accommodate in total students       450  (UG )

b) for P.G        .




c) for staff       .


E Library                  : available

Journal Reading    :   --- do  ---

Conference Room : --- do  ---

General Reading Room : --- do  ---

        (c) Working hours:

8AM to 8PM  Reading Hall Open 6PM to 11PM

Public Holidays & Sundays :  10AM to 8PM (Except National Holidays)

        (d) No. of Shifts   :

: Two

        (e) No. of Books  : (i) Text :

: 20149

                                                                                                             Indian : 88, Foreign :65  Total : 153


                                   (ii) Reference

   (f) No. of Journals subscribed              Annually

        (g) No. of Journals actually received  annually

                        (i) Indian      

:  88

                        (ii) Foreign




      On Line Journals       National International



        (h) No. of Journals - with back Numbers;

(i) Indian

: 120 Tittles with 230 Voulmes

                            (ii) Foreign

: 150 Titles with 7150 volumes


     (i) No. of Books purchased during the last 3 years : 2612






        (j) Staff with qualification






Professor In charge Library


Dr. A.D. Urhekar, Prof. Incharge




01    Dr. R. P. Dixit, Chief Librarian

MA M. Lib. Sc. , PhD


Deputy Librarian


  01  Dr. Sachin Jadhav, M. Lib. Sc.




Mr. Ambadas Kamble BA, M.LibSc


Ms. Swapnali Uttekar BA, M.LibSc

Ms. Manorama Rao  , BSc, Lib.Sc.



Mr. Ashish Vartak         BA, M.LibSc

Lib. Asst.

Ms. Savita Jagtap MA, M.LibSc

Lib. Asst

Ms. Vidyadevi Athavale, BA

Ms. Deena Zinge



Mr. Anil Mulje,HSc, C.Lib


Peons/ Sweepers






        (k) System of Cataloguing :

Cataloguing & Indexing System

  • AACR –II Scheme  is used for cataloging
  • DDC Scheme  is used for classification of  documents.
  • NLM Subject Headings ( MeSH) is used for assigning  medical subject headings
  • LibSys; Library Management soft-ware is being used for inputting data pertaining to Library holdings . It is being updated regularly.



        (l)  Details of facilities available like MEDLAR, Internet, TV, VCR, Xerox & Microfilm reading.


                                              Special facilities available in the library



a.  Index Medicus


c.  Photocopy facility

d. Online Search facility             

e. Internet

f. Printer facility

g. Any other, TV, VCR




  Other facilities available in Central Library


  • e Library with Internet Facility with 35 Terminals
  • Access to Electronics full text Journals

                 Access to E- Books

  • Access to PUB-MED, NLM,Bathesda,USA
  • Access to WHO- LIS database,Geneva
  • The Central Library is involved in subscribing to foreign E journals , in order to meet the requirement of various depts.
  • Subscription to  Maharashtra Univ. of Health Sciences, Nashik  database, Bound volumes of Journals.
  • Associate member of UGC- INFLIBNET, Ahemadabad.