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Under the Central Laboratory services Histopathology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Cytology the respective investigations are performed by qualified & trained staff with the use of modern machineries.

Pathology Laboratory with state of the art technology equipped with chemistry analyser, Blood Gas Analyser, Haematology cell counter, ELISA reader, and Histokinesis facilities.

  • Central  Research Laboratory Facilities:

It has established aState -of –the- Art laboratoriesfor serology, molecular biology, immunology and tissue culture. Over the years large amount of clinical data has been generated. This has been used to develop models for Care and Treatment strategies. The main focus of research is on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Dengue, Hepatitis, malaria and toxoplasma, Models of comprehensive care for HIV / AIDS have evolved over a period of time with integrated approach. 

The Central Research lab is acclaimed, both nationally and internationally, for its contribution in designing the best practices that have been adopted for a decade by the national AIDS control programme of Ministry of Health, New Delhi.

  • Research lab of Central Research Laboratory
  • Molecular Lab
  • RT_PCR Lab
  • Immunology Lab
  • Culture Room with Laminar Wood
  • Biotechnology lab
  • Genetic lab
  • Plant tissue culture lab
  • Washing Room-Changing Room
  • DNA-RNA Isolation Room
  • DNA-RNA Isolation Room
  • Cold Room
  • Departmental Library

                 List of test carried out in MGM Central Research Laboratories

HIV Rapid,ELISA for HIV I/II , HBV & HCV, P24 ELISA., Western Blot for HIV I / II,PCR for HIVPCR for Hepatitis B & C,CD4 / CD8 Count,Viral Load for HIV I / II,Viral Load for Hepatitis B & C,PCR for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,VDRL,Antiretroviral Drug Sensitivity Tests