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Research OBGY

Department of OBGY
National / International / State level Conference / workshop attend by the teaching of the College
Sr. No. Name & Designation Name of Organizer
Type of participation

Paper Presented / poster presentation / honors if any speaker etc

Month &year

1. Dr.Jayshree Narshetty
(Professor of OBGY
Dr. Monica Kapoor (Resident of OBGY)
FOGSI 2009   Paper presentation 2009
2. Dr. Shafali Patil
(Asst. Prof., OBGY)
Annual conference of ObGy, Mumbai     07.03.09
3. Dr. Shafali Patil
(Asst. Prof., OBGY)
Approach for internal iliac -do- Invitation 2009
4. Dr. Kandy Sandhu,
Dr. Yash Boricha ,
Dr. Vrushni,
Dr. Rinkesh
(Residents OBGY)
Tata Memorial Hospital,
Delegate Detection of cervical cancer 2009
5. Dr. Kandy Sandhu,
Dr. Vrushni

(Resident OBGY)
FOGSI Shalimar Banquet Hall Palm Beach, Vashi Delegate Endo fertility conference Jan 2010
6. Dr. Shafali Patil
(Asst. Prof., OBGY)
CME in LSCS by
Dr. Deepak Desai, Gynaecologist, Virar
Invitation   4th Sat. of Feb. 10


Special Training undertaken by Staff Members
Name of the staff Place Topic/Subject Area Period
Dr. Vijay Kamale
(Prof. of Paediatrics)
NIHFW, New Delhi Deputed for “Workshop on Quality Services under NRHM/RCH for Faculties of Medical College for
Good performing States
02-05 Feb. 2010



1.Role of cervico- vaginal swabs in prediction of preterm labour and premature rupture of membranes
2.A Randomised Study to Compare the results of timed Intercourse (TI) and Intrauterine Insemination
(IUI) in Clomiphene Citrate Stimulated Cycles in Infertile Couples
3.Clinical Correlation of HPV infection and Colposcopic Findings in Unhealthy Cervix.
4.Non reassuring fetal heart rate patterns and clinical correlation
5.To compare the effectiveness of letrozole  versus clomiphene citrate in  induction of ovulation  in
patients with infertility