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Paediatrics Research

Publication of teaching staff in Nation / International Scientific Journal (2009-10)
1. Dr.Srinath Reddy
Dr.Bageshree Seth

(Prof. of Paediatrics)

Dr.Prisca Colaco
Jeune Sundrome Indian Journal of Paediatrics
(Sent for Publication)
2. Dr.Jeetendra Gavhane
(Asstt. Prof of Paediatrics)
Erythema Gangreousm ‘PID’ – unusual presentation of pseudomonas sepsis Paediatric Infections Disease Journal
Vol. 3, Issue July-Sept 09, Year 2009
National / International / State level Conference / workshop attend by the teaching of the College
Sr. No. Name & Designation Name of Organizer & Place Type of participation Paper Presented / poster presentation / honors if any speaker etc Topic Month & year
1. Dr. N. C. Mohanty (Asst.Prof, Paed) PEDGASTRO 2009, Calicut Chairperson     2009
2. Dr. N. C. Mohanty (Asst.Prof, Paed) PEDICON-2009 Banglore Chairperson Paper presentation Gastroentrology Session Jan-09
3. Dr.Bageshree Seth
(Professor of Paediatrics )
PEDICON   Paper presentation GI changes in HIV Jan 2009
4. -- “ -- All Indian Paediatric Cinference-DEDICON 2009 Guest Speaker   Gastro Intestinal Manifestation of Paediatrics HIV. Jan 2009
5. -- “ -- Neurology Update Delegate     Taj Lands End, Bandra-2009
6. -- “ -- Hematology Conference Delegate     ITC Grand Maratha, Parel-2009
7. -- “ -- MDACS – Training workshop for PG Students on Paediatric HIV Guest Speaker (Trainer)     MIG Club, Bandra-2009
8. Dr.Jeetendra Gavhane
(Asst. Prof. Paediatrics)
National conference of Paediatrics (PEDICON-2009) Banglore Delegate     Jan 2009
9. -- “ -- National update on Paediatric Intensive care New Delhi Delegate     May 2009,
10. -- “ -- National conference of Paediatrics Infection disease Mumbai Delegate     Oct. 2009
11. -- “ -- PALS instructor update Thane Delegate     June 2009
12. Dr.N.Revathi (Asst. Prof. Paediatrics) International CMEon Neurology - Paediatrics Ramada, Powai, Delegate     Jan. 2010
13. Dr.Amol. A. Annadate
(Asst. Prof. Paediatrics)
Workshop in Neonatal Ventilation Aurangabad Delegate     24, 25, 26 Dec.09,
14. -- “ -- Mid national conference IAP adolescent chapter Speaker Panelist     1, 3, 4 June 09
Dr. Vijay Kamale (Prof.) Workshop on Quality Services , New Delhi Delegate 02-02-10 –
Dr. Bageshree Seth (Prof.) Opportumistic Infections In HIV Sion Guest speaker 20-01-10
Dr. N. C. Mohanty (Med Supdt) 1. PEDICON 2010 Hyderabad

2. 20th National Confence Chandigarh
1. Speaker / Paper presented

2. “Management of children affected in the event of terrorist attack” Paper Presented “Chronic Constipation in Children”
1. 06-01-10 – 11-01-10,
2. 01-10 -10 – 04-10-10
Dr.Jeetendra Gavhnae (Asst.Prof) PALS level course Delegate Thane 25-09-10
Dr.N.Revati (Lecturr) Workshop on IMNCI Delegate Nashik 24-0610- 26-0610
SR. NO Name of the participant Name of the CME /Conference / Workshop
(delegate/presenting paper)
Topic Month & year
1. Dr.Jeetendra Gavhane (Asst. Prof. Paediatrics) National CME of Neurology Mumbai Delegate   Jan. 2010,
2. Dr.Bageshree Seth (Professor of Paediatrics) International CME on Paediatric Neurology Delegate   Ramada, Powai Jan. 2010
3. -- “ -- SPRIT workshop UNICEF for HIV Invited   30 Jan 2010
4. Dr.Amol A. Annadate (Asst. Prof. Paediatrics) GOGSI state conference Speaker   15 Jan 2010
5. Dr.Varun Kasliwal (Resident of paeds) International Neurology CME – Ramada Delegate   Jan 2010
6. Dr.N.C. Mohanty (Asst.Prof, Paed) PEDICON 2010 Hydrabad Paper presentation Terrorism & its impact on children 2010
7. Dr.Vijay Kamale(Professor of Paediatrics) International CME on Neurology – Paediatrics, Ramada, Powai, Delegate   Jan. 2010
8. -- “ -- Quality issues in NRHM, Delhi NIFHW Delegate   2nd-5th Feb 2010
Recognition / Award / Honors awarded to teaching staff of your department
Sr. No. Name, Designation, Dept Particular
1. Dr. Jeetendra Gavhane (Asstt. Prof of Paediatrics) Selected as “National Instructor” for Paediatric Advance Life Support ( PALS), American Academy of Paediatrics
Special Training undertaken by Staff Members
Name of the staff Place Topic/Subject Area Period
Dr. Seema Anjaneya,
(Prof.. & HoD PSM)
Dr. Vijay Kamale,
(Prof. of Paediatrics)
Dr. Pankaj Patil,
(Asst.Prof. of ObGy)
NIHFW, New Delhi Deputed for “Workshop on Quality Services under NRHM/RCH for Faculties of Medical College for Good performing States 02-05 Feb. 2010
1. The etiology and outcome of acute seizures in childern
2. Clinical Profile and outcome of plasmodium falciparum malaria in childern
3. Clinical Profile of Congenital Heart Disease in Children Coming to MGM Hospitals Navi Mumbai.
4. Follow-up and out – Come of Children with Fever and Cough after Conventional Clinical Examination as     Compared to IMNCI Methods
5. To Study the relationship between the mother and child’s vitamin D and calcium status and the need for     its supplementation in exclusively breast fed term babies.
6. Prevalence of RotavirusDiarrohea among childern of age group 6 months to 5 years, reporting ot MGM     Hospital navi Mumbai
7. To study the initial gut microbial colouization of the newborn in relation with their mothers vaginal     microflora
8. Variations in Blood Glucose levels in critically ill children and its association with morbidity and mortality