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Anatomy Research

Sr. No  Name of the  Faculty Designation Year of  Name of the  journal  National/International/ Index/ Non Index   Title of article/ Mongraphs / Name of the book with Publisher, Name of patents etc.  Vol nos. 
1 Muthuchitra, Nazmeen Silotry, Geetha K N. Associate Professor, Associate Professor 2013 Int. J. Pharm. Med. & Bio. Sci. International Anatomical Localization Of Motor Points In Gastrocnemius Muscle And It's Significance In The Treatment Of Spasticity 2013; Vol. 2 (2) : 6-11
2 Ashish S. Kulkarni, Geetha K.N. Associate Professor  2013 An   
Anatomical Study In 50 Indian Adult Cadavers, Photon
  Variations In Branching Pattern Of Facial Artery 2013; 113:130-134.
3 Dr. Sonali S Vidhale, Pravin Rathod, MN Mahendrakar, Kishor Patil Assistant Professor, Tutor, Ex. Professor, Tutor 2013 Case Report, Rjpbcs   Variation In The Formation Of Sciatic Nerve And Its Cutaneous Branches    2013; 4 (1) : 527-532
4 Dr. D. H. Pimple Assistant Professor 2013 International Of Medical Science International 18 Year Old Radiological Changes Of Shoulder Joint 2013; Vol. 2 (5) : 432-433
5 Dr. D. H. Pimple Assistant Professor 2013 Journal of medical and Health sciences   Morphological study of external ear mentally related and healthy subjects. Research and review vol 2. Issue 4, October – December 2013 page 92 -97
6 Dr. Haritha Kumari Nimmagadda, Ms. Pooja Pant, Mr. Rajeev Mukhia, Dr. Aruna Mukherjee Assistant Professo, Professor & Head 2013 International Journal Anatomical Research  International Morphometrical Estimation Of Fetal Heart Growth At Different Gestational Ages By In Vivo And In Vitro Techniques 2013; Vol. : 3 (5): 491-494.
7 Rajeev Mukhia, Pooja Pant, Haritha Kumari N, Dr. Aruna Mukherjee Assistant Professor, Professor & Head 2013 Ijsr   Morphometric Study And Variations Of The Lobes And Fissures Of The Lungs 2013; Vol. : 6 (2) 457-458
8 Rajeev Mukhia, Haritha Kumari N., Pooja Pant, N, Dr. Aruna Mukherjee Assistant Professor, Professor & Head 2013 Ijsr   Morphometrical Analysis Of Aortic Valve & Coronary Ostia In Cadaveric Hearts 2013, Vol. : 6 (3) 407-409.
9 Dr. Charushila D. Shinde, Dr. Pankaj Patil, Dr. Karuna Katti, Dr. Geetha K. N. Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor (OBGY), Ex. Professor, Associate Professor  2013 JIMA   The study of endometrial thickness by ultrasonography in regular and irregular menstrual cycles vol.111: No. 10, Oct 20013
10 Mr. Kishwor Bhandari Tutor  2013 Indian journal of applied research National Morphology and morphometry of mental foramen in the region of Maharashtra  EBSCO Host, google scholar,connect journal Recent index journal 2013
11 Dr. Keshaw Kumar  Professor 2013 Anatomica Karnataka – An International Journal  International “Existence of “Keshaw Concept” of similarity in concentric elastic rings density with an inter relationship between pulse pressure and number of concentric rings of great arterial trunks in domestic mammals” Accepted 
12 Dr. Keshaw Kumar  Professor 2013 Indian Journal of bioresearch National Chromosomal and behavoural study in female youngster belonging to prepubertal, pubertal and post pubertal age groups 2013; volume 85 (2) : 30-36
13 Dr. Keshaw Kumar, Nishtha Singh and Samata  Professor 2013 Indian Journal of Bioresearch National Existance of Keshaw Constants” in grade arterial trunks of domestic mammals 2013; volume 85(2): 109-116
14 Dr. Keshaw Kumar, Nishtha Singh and Samata  Professor 2013 Indian Journal of Bioresearch National “Existance of Keshaw Concept of blood volume equality in systemic and pulmonary circulation of domestic mammals 2013; volume 85(3): 10-16
15 Dr. Bhavana Junagade, Dr. Aruna Mukherjee   2014 International Journal of Pharma Medicine and Biological Science  International "Anatomical Study of the Radial Tunnel by Cadaveric Dissection, for Possible Sites of the Posterior Interosseous Nerve Entrapment" Vol : 3, No : 2, April, 2014 Issue